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Founded in 2012, 24 Bit Games is a Unity focused technical game development studio based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Led by game industry veterans, our diverse 50+ person team of world class engineers, technical artists, producers, and QA testers is the largest and most experienced game development services studio on the African continent.

Licensed Platforms


Between console, VR, mobile, and desktop platforms, we have helped publishers and developers all over the world, from indie to AAA, successfully reach additional audiences for dozens of titles within budget and without compromise.



Need to scale your production with additional engineering talent? From full game programming to tech and tool development to last-mile shipping, we will plug in so seamlessly to your development pipeline that it will feel no different to having your own team of engineers in the room next door.


Looking for some focused expertise to help squeeze the most out of your game technically? From performance optimisation, to memory considerations, to asset pipeline consultation, unlocking your game's full potential is what we do best.



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