Student Memberships to IESA

Student Memberships to IESA

To celebrate IESA‘s formal launch as the local South African game development industry body, 24 Bit Games is sponsoring 25 student memberships to students who are currently studying to enter the games industry in South Africa! This could be game design, engineering, audio, project management, or any other field of study as long as your goals are to enter the local game development industry upon graduation.

We feel strongly that everyone involved with game development in South Africa should be a part of what IESA is trying to accomplish, from full time professional development studios right down to students on the cusp of entering the industry. What is IESA you ask? Here is a quick snippet from their site:

Interactive Entertainment South Africa (often shortened to IESA) is a non-profit company that is mandated to lobbying, develop policy and help grow the local game, serious games, simulation, board-game, augmented reality and VR industries.

You can read more about IESA on their site, as well as via their Prospectus PDF. It includes, amongst other things, a breakdown of what benefits students can expect to receive from being members of IESA:

  • Discounted Rates for IESA events
  • Access to IESA research and reports
  • Automatic Membership to the IGDA
  • Access to paid internships at member businesses

Interested students can send through a brief letter detailing themselves, why they have chosen to study game development, and what they hope to go on to achieve once entering the industry to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you all!