Happy New Ye…. what do you mean it’s already the end of March?

Happy New Ye…. what do you mean it’s already the end of March?

Holy moly!

It’s already the end of March and this is the first chance that I’ve had to write down some thoughts in a blog post. As you can guess, 2015 has started off pretty busy for 24 Bit Games. First and foremost is that we’ve got new office digs to work in at a super cool Johannesburg collaborate space called OPEN in the Maboneng Precinct.

We’ve been here since the start of January and are absolutely loving it so far.

Secondly, 2 new team members have joined us from the start of 2015. Ahmed (StrayTrain) and Kevin (DraughtVader) have been involved in the local South African game development scene for quite some time now and have already proved themselves to be valuable additions to 24 Bit Games.

Lastly, since our final post in 2014, we’ve been ridiculously busy working on all sorts of things. We’ve done some performance optimistion work for a couple of mobile titles, we’ve handled the optimisation as well as the Android port of an iOS title which is soon to be released, we’ve done some upgrades to Double Doodle which is nearing a version 1.1 release, we’ve contributed to an augmented reality project, and we’ve taken on more engine work for Loom.

We’ll be posting more information about these projects as soon as possible in the coming weeks as they start releasing.

Our 3-month-belated New Year’s resolution is to be better with our both our blog and our Twitter account, so hopefully we can stick to that and be better at keeping you up to date with all of the happenings at 24 Bit Games.