Double Doodle

Double Doodle

Recently we finished up a game for The Engine Co. called Double Doodle.

Double Doodle is a mobile casual game for iOS and Android where you have to trace lines and shapes (Doodles!) and are scored for your accuracy and speed. You can check out more details on our portfolio page here or you can just jump directly to iTunes or Google Play to download it FOR FREE!!!

The game was already in an Alpha state when we came on board (designed by Spotkin and developed to that point by The Engine Co.). That means it was pretty much functionally complete, and our main job was to add a social / multiplayer backbone to it so that you could challenge your friends and compete for high scores. On top of that, we did a lot of optimization and compliance testing for various mobile hardware and generally everything else that goes hand in hand with that last 10-20% of shipping a title.

So go on and download it for Android or iOS and play against all of your friends! You can invite others via their email address or simply by selecting them from your list of Facebook friends within the game.

May the best Doodler win!